Blue Stove Cottage, Scotland

As part of a summer trip last year with a good friend, the trip was to travel to the far reaches of Scotland to find many unsee residental treasures, and there were lots to be found! Presenting the Blue Stove Cottage, aptly named for the Blue Stove found within. Thanks … Continue reading

Vanden Plas Manor

This quiet hidden former school building situated in a forest, far from any outside contact had been a target of mine for several weeks.  After 4 visits to check the place out properly, the weekend came to explore this site, access was sorted, but would the alarm go off?  Well … Continue reading

Pink Farm, Scotland

Chance explore of the lovely little farm in the hills of Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  Some out buildings are used as storage sheds, but there was still plenty old bits and bobs to see around the farm, then of course the Pink Farmhouse!!     Thats enough of the out buildings, there … Continue reading

Poodle Cottage, Scotland

This little row of cottages situated on the side of a busy main road is often overlooked by the may passerby’s it gets each day, this day I decided to have a look, only one of the cottages was accessible, but some nice treats hiding away inside! Thanks for looking!

Honey Farmhouse

This beautiful country Farmhouse in low lying mountains of the central Scotland was a unexpected find.  I was out checking out another location, which ended being a fail (I did manage a quick explore later on, keep an eye out for Vanden Plas Manor).  I went for a little drive … Continue reading