The Cement Works, Scotland

This abandoned former Cement Works is situated in a live quarry, lorries trundling along past this every work day, but it goes left behind and neglected! Thanks for looking!

Hospital P, Scotland

Visiting this small partially live hospital was a bit of a chance myself and The Baron of Scotland took, but it paid off, entry was a simple walk in and there seems there could be more from this location in the near future! Just a small wing, but had some … Continue reading

Poodle Cottage, Scotland

This little row of cottages situated on the side of a busy main road is often overlooked by the may passerby’s it gets each day, this day I decided to have a look, only one of the cottages was accessible, but some nice treats hiding away inside! Thanks for looking!

Honey Farmhouse

This beautiful country Farmhouse in low lying mountains of the central Scotland was a unexpected find.  I was out checking out another location, which ended being a fail (I did manage a quick explore later on, keep an eye out for Vanden Plas Manor).  I went for a little drive … Continue reading

St Johns County Asylum

The first time I saw the ceilings and ceiling in the corridors, I knew I had too see this place.  The first attempt to visit the place was blown off to go visit one of the worst explores I had been on as it was getting late, oh and also … Continue reading

Scottish Textile Mill

This hidden gem in the heart of Scotland is an old Textile Mill which has gone unused for a number of years.  Sadly all the machinery is gone, but store room is filled with great finds! Explored with Hector Scorn Thanks for looking!

Clipstone Colliary & Headstocks

Visited here in early 2013 with snow showers and biting cold wind, just the kind of day to climb a very very high headstock! Before climbing the headstocks, there was amble time to wander around the inner workings of the machine house! Headstock Climbing time!  It was windy, slippy and … Continue reading

UD Seminary

The old Seminary sits on the grounds of a college, arriving very late at night and a strange entry, it was a explore that require a bit of stealth to avoid the torches being seen.  It was a long explore, but the mission was to find the Chapel, harder than … Continue reading

Bass Maltings

The visit to the iconic Bass Maltings was mainly to see the stunning Spiral Staircase, in the midst of winter and passing snow storms, it was a explore not to be forgotten.  

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