Sheffield Crown Courts

Early one very cold morning arriving outside the Crown Courts, it was clear entry would not be very subtle, right next to a main thoroghfare and also the new courts.  It was a tall climb but soon we were inside and ready to roam around checking the place out, there … Continue reading

Broomhill Hospital, Scotland

This lovely old hospital in the central belt of Scotland has lots of lovely decay. It has been closed for sometime now and its really showing. Visited with a few fellow Scottish explorers. #

The Paint Factory, Aberdeen

 This Paint Factory is surprisingly close to where I live, and left it a bit too late to explore it probably, a few weeks earlier and I could have got it with a lot more industrial plant. Thanks for looking!

The Cisterian Abbey

 The Cisterian Abbey or Chaise Abbey to some, is a 18th century former Cisterian Abbey in rural England.   The rather nice Serenity Hospital was meant to be my last explore of 2013 but this Abbey cropped up from a friend so off I set early in the morning after … Continue reading

The Forgotten Morgue

Nestled and hidden away on an abandoned Hospital complex in Scotland lies a quaint little building with a very nice surprise within. The Forgotten Morgue. Thanks for looking

Bartye Mine 15P

Exploring this Bartye mine was a bit of a tiring challenge, the climb to get this stunning mine was a lot worse than I thought it would be.  Climbing the hill road to get here, covered in ice and snow, steep hardly describes this accurately. Upon reaching the summit to … Continue reading

The Orphanage

This stunning former Orphanage in rural England had a lot of money spent on a refurbishement just to be left sat to rot away again. It is very well protected, fully alarmed, CCTV and PIR sensors on the extrernal walls when set off alert the security who promptly arrive. The … Continue reading

Wolfs Lair Mine

This abandoned Wolfram Mine deep in the Hills of England, was a surprise to say the least!  Previously I had encountered one ore chute, that was about to be changed forever. This trip was during the xmas period of 2013, arriving on boxing day and staying nearby in a hostel, … Continue reading

Slate Mine CA

This lovely slate mine / quarry was the last visit on a slate fest mission to Wales.  This stunning mine is probably one of the best and most intact mines I have ever had the pleaseure in experiencing! Top of the mine, the sheer scale of this place was incredible, … Continue reading

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