Limestone Mine T

This Limestone mine hadn’t had someone set foot in here for probably 60 years, a little bit of digging and it was like stepping back in time. This mine is part of a series of limestone adits that have been backfilled, although there is little artifacts left behind, there was … Continue reading

Coal Mine BB

    This abandoned Coal Mine nestled away in a rural valley hidden amongst the remeants of the once active colliary has been abandoned for some 30 years.  Although it has since become flooded since the water pumps long stopped there were still several superb surprises contained within. Coal Conveyor … Continue reading

Chateau D’ah, Belgium

A breif visit to Chateau D’ah, Belgium on the Stripey Pants Tour sponsored by Juplierrrr. This old Mansion house is quietly situated in a small town, surrounded by trees, you would hardly know it was even there. Starting from the top.   First Floor Landing Looking down towards the Entrance … Continue reading

Am back, starting afresh!

Welcome to my webpage (once again)  I had previous troubles with webhosts and finally got it all resolved.   So starting fresh with a new layout and hopefully much better images.  Lots more to come, please bear with me whilst work is in progress.   Stussy

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